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Central Markets and Fishery Organizations (CMFO SA) is the most dormant  partner in the country’s food supply chain by facilitating the supply of the entire Greek population with fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The activities of CMFO SA, consists of two (2) Central Markets of 300,000 sq.m. total property area, 11 fish wharves/fish markets,  modernized systems for wholesale constantly development, new retailing wing (market area) for Consumers, packing and storage area, consist the largest food market in the Balkans. Fruit, vegetables and meat producers, fishermen and importers, trust their products to wholesalers located in CMFO SA in order to sell at the best price and reduce the risk in their transactions.

Trade organization and modern management  structures that OKAA has adopted, create  a modern and profitable state owned company. It is significant that more than 700 companies across the country have chosen to be hosted in CMFO SA premises.

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Papastratos is the largest tobacco products’ producer in Greece, with a history of 87 years. An affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI) since 2003, the company has implemented an investment plan which exceeds one billion euros, focused on infrastructure at the company’s factory, its people and on social responsibility activities. In 2018 Papastratos stopped producing conventional cigarettes and with a new investment of 300 million euros turned its factory in Aspropyrgos into a production facility exclusively for the heat sticks for its new product, IQOS.

Papastratos offers today approximately more than 1.000 direct and indirect jobs and has been awarded as a “Great Place to Work” (2012-2014, 2017) and as a “Top Employer” in Greece (2015 – 2018).


Athens International Airport – Eleftherios Venizelos

Since March 2001, Athens International Airport keeps offering high-level services, having earned the trust of airlines, passengers, partners and stakeholders.

Having welcomed more than 275 million passengers and over 3 million flights, the airport keeps creating significant benefits for tourism, the national economy, and Athens as a destination.

2017 was a historic best performance year for the airport, both in terms of traffic, as well as  in terms of financial performance. In 2018,  growth continues dynamically, for a fifth consecutive year.

Key contributors to this positive outlook remain AIA’s renowned developmental strategy, with one of the most comprehensive and innovative airline incentive schemes internationally, and a strategic focus on the promotion of “destination Athens” through initiatives and synergies.

Having recently been awarded by the ACI World as Best Airport in Europe in terms of service quality and  passenger satisfaction, Athens International Airport continues, during 2018-2019, its investment programme of aesthetic, functional and operational enhancements in its premises.

Moreover, AIA implements a multi-faceted range of activities, ranging from real estate development to large-scale commercial activities. At the same time, the airport always remains committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen, introducing and implementing a range of programmes, actions and special CR initiatives, for the local communities and society at large.

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Arla Foods

Arla Foods is an international dairy company owned by 11.200 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Arla Foods is one of the strongest players in the international dairy arena, with a wide range of dairy products of highest quality. Well-known brands like Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello® belong to the Arla family. Arla Foods is also the world’s largest manufacturer of organic dairy products.

Arla Cream Cheese is produced from natural ingredients – no artificial additives – and is characterized by its distinct fresh taste. It is the perfect solution for a quick snack, a last-minute lunch or a quick recipe for the whole family. Wholesome and tasty, it is just perfect for whenever you need it – in a bagel or just out of a spoon.
For further information about Arla Cream Cheese and for some tasty recipes you can visit our website:

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Toyota Hellas


Le Monde Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies

LE MONDE is an Institute of International standing in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, certified member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Our commitment is to offer students high quality learning programmes by experienced professionals in an excellent infrastructure in order our graduates to achieve a valued recognition in the Tourism Industry globally and the Greek tourism product a continuous upgrade.

LE MONDE, The Leading Institute in Tourism & Hospitality

45, Thessalonikis str., 18346, Moschato-Athens-Greece



T: +30 210 4830500

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Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages



FRONERI Hellas S.A, exclusive importer and distributor of Mövenpick Swiss ice-cream, is responsible for the design and implementation of Mövenpick’s development strategy in Greece.

Loyal to the vision of Ueli Prager, founder of Mövenpick, “We do normal things in an extraordinary way”, FRONERI Hellas S.A strengthens the brand presence in Greek ice-cream market, invests in expanding its distribution network and in specialized personnel and creates synergies with fine dining restaurants, boutique hotels and luxury hotel chains.

Seeking to delight gourmets, Mövenpick ice-creams are standing out due to their creamy texture. They are crafted with natural ingredients without artificial flavoring, creating the perfect balance of ingredients in every spoonful.

Recipe creation begins with the quest for premium ingredients that are chosen carefully while aim is the continuous expansion of the range, reinforcing the gastronomic superiority of Mövenpick recipes with imaginative and tasteful flavors.

Discover the unique experience of Mövenpick ice-creams!


Domaine Lazaridis



taf coffee is of superior quality. The company aims to communicate the new coffee culture and disseminate knowledge about superior quality coffee. The achievement of this goal starts from the first stage of the coffee chain, from the fruit, and continues until the final beverage is prepared. In the early stages of the chain there is traceability – from the research that is being carried out to find excellent coffee beans, the direct relationship built with coffee farms and producers, adopting the direct relationship coffees model, to ensuring quality in the crop, processing and storage of the green bean.



The Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti (EZA) is a 100% Greek brewing company that started operating in Greece since 1989, as a subsidiary of the German beer group Lowenbrau, while a year later it acquired the factory in Atalanti. The very same year, the company was reconstituted and took its current name as “Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti”. A decade later, the Syrianos’ family managed to acquire the shares owned by the German group via a buyout management form and five years later the company passed to 100% Greek ownership.

During this time, Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti acquires both the vast knowledge and experience in beer, highly influenced by the know-how of German and Belgian brewers, while focusing on constant quality controls of beer production in the factory of Atalanti. At the same time, the company manages to enrich its portfolio with high quality imported beers such as Becks and Franziskaner. The year of 1996 was proved to be a prolific year for the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti, as the company produced its first owned Greek label, PILS HELLAS. On the same wavelength, 13 years later, in 2009, the company produced its second label BERLIN, a Greek beer of unique taste and quality, with the process of maturing taking place at least 21 days. The years that followed made Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti a pioneer in draft beer, as the company implemented strong investments in order to acquire all the special equipment as well as to upgrade its assets and facilities.

Εκθέτης is the award-winning online wine shop that changed the data on wine production in Greece. It gives you the opportunity to discover and buy the best wines of Greek winemakers, as well as boutique wineries from all over the world at unique preferential prices and having them send directly and safely to your doorstep.

The team of oenologists and sommeliers of, works closely with the wineries, choosing with very strict quality criteria among tens of thousands of wines. The only goal is to offer the best, by selecting only fine wines, after about 90% of those being tested are rejected.

If you are looking for something new, the innovative and personalized online platform of may become your personal Sommelier. Create your own “Tasting Profile” and let find and recommend exactly the wines that perfectly suit you or will accompany your next dinner.



Ariston started in the spring of 1997 as a small family business in Gargaliani Messinias by the Doukas family. At first exporting cold press extra virgin olive oil to the U.S.A.  The expanding US Market and growing demands for Ariston Extra Virgin olive oil lead the founders to establish Ariston Hellas which is able to keep up with the growing demand of the market. We are imports, producers, and distributors of the finest olive oils from Greece and we import the finest balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy.

Ariston Hellas has state of the art facilities were we produce and package olive oil from our own and local olive groves as well as balsamic vinegar and other local products.  We are certified with HACCP ISO 22000:2005





Made of 100% fresh Greek milk KAYAK is an ice-cream that stands out for its fresh, select, pure and natural ingredients that are crafted with a touch of magic and lots of imagination and based on secret recipes leads you to a trip in space and time.

Focusing on offering a multi­dimensional experience, KAYAK is prepared as pure as the ice-cream one would make at home for his/her own family, yet with a gourmet taste and twist a chef would serve at a fine restaurant. With endless passion, Kayak has created the most unique combinations and innovative flavors, forever changing the perception of ice cream in Greece.

The products address a select audience of high culinary expectations and are distributed to select locations. This is why Kayak is the first choice among top gourmet professionals and food experts. Numerous international awards are proof of the above statement.

KAYAK’goal is to always search for the perfect recipe. Afterall, the company motto sums up in the phrase “It is not just ice-cream, it is KAYAK”!

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H Cardlink ιδρύθηκε το 2004 και λειτουργεί το μεγαλύτερο δίκτυο τερματικών POS για πραγματοποίηση συναλλαγών με κάρτες στην Ελλάδα. Τα τερματικά της Cardlink βρίσκονται σε περισσότερα από 260.000 σημεία, εξυπηρετώντας με ασφάλεια και ταχύτητα επιχειρήσεις και
καταναλωτές στην πραγματοποίηση των καθημερινών τους συναλλαγών. Η ομάδα της Cardlink παρακολουθεί τις εξελίξεις στον τομέα των ηλεκτρονικών πληρωμών και, υιοθετώντας τις τελευταίες τεχνολογίες, δημιουργεί καινοτόμα προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες που συνεχώς βελτιώνουν την συναλλακτική εμπειρία τόσο στο φυσικό, όσο και το ηλεκτρονικό εμπόριο. Από τον Ιανουάριο του 2015, η Cardlink είναι εταιρία του Ομίλου Quest.

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Founded in 2000, ATCOM is Greece’s leading Digital Business agency and a trusted business transformation partner. We are a group of 120 digital experts and highly-driven professionals; we value creativity and produce inspiring ideas that are fuelled by technology and powered by data.



Homad, in its ten years of life, has created its own strong history in the furniture field, as it is based on its design quality beyond fashions and trends.Having established a distinctive approach and concept in home furniture, in the last years homad has expanded its proposals and activities in well recognized, luxury boutique hotels as well as in selected bars and restaurants.In collaboration with well-respected architectural offices, homad’s design team approaches these large scale projects with the same quality in design and manufacture that distinguishes it as a company, over time. Ηomad has the ability and flexibility to adjust its proposals or even create them afresh, considering and serving the esthetic and qualitative needs as well as the peculiarities of every interior or exterior space. By using and mixing material of different nature and properties (such as wood, metal, marble, glass, cement, etc.) along with the availability of a wide variety of fabrics, homad’s creations are characterized by a high level of esthetics, elegance and comfort.

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Athens Medical Group

Athens Medical Group (AMG) is the leading healthcare provider in SE Europe, with 80,000 hospitalizations and 500,000 outpatient visits annually. It has been providing high-quality, internationally certified (TEMOS Quality in International Patient Care & Excellence in Medical Tourism, Global Healthcare Accreditation, ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2005 & 14001:2004) medical services for 35 years.
Athens Medical Group runs 8 state-of-the-art Hospitals, in Greece, 7 in the broader Athens metropolitan area and 1 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, with 1,200 patient beds, 3,000 full time employees, 2,800 highly qualified physicians.

It is widely recognized for its Centers of Excellence and cutting edge medical procedures, indicatively: Robotic Surgery, Interventional Cardiology – Heart Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, Bariatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Oncology, IVF.

Finally, AMG has a more than 20 years presence in Romania, where it operates 4 very modern and specialized diagnostic centers.

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Arapis Seafood

For 74 years, we have been providing the market with the freshest and finest live shellfish and crustaceans. Our professionalism has made the name ‘Arapis’ synonymous with quality imports and has established our company as one of the most reputable shellfish traders in Greece.
Committed to offering our customers the most excellent quality products and services, every day we deliver to the market selected shellfish harvested by professional divers who dive in authorized fishing zones, in Greece and abroad. In this way, we respectfully preserve the sustainability of the marine environment and protect marine life.

Shellfish such as mussels, warty venuses, smooth clams, carpet shells, oysters, purple spiny dye murexes, wedge shells, razor clams, date shells are collected daily and are available immediately. We import goods from selected parts of the world on a daily basis and in small quantities to ensure the quality of our live shellfish and crustaceans. European blue lobsters, red king crabs, stone crabs, langoustines and red shrimp are kept alive in aquariums with biologically filtered water.

Our philosophy is to offer the market products without preservatives and fillers, promoting their raw consumption and thus highlighting all their flavor and quality characteristics. Based on this philosophy, all our professional associates avoid fishing in ‘industrial’ waters.

All our products are packed in modern, certified depuration units.

Our long-term expertise in shellfish has made ‘Arapis’ the first choice for both retail customers and some of the most famous restaurants and hotels in Greece.

Discover our huge variety of live shellfish and fine fish at No. 49, in Varvakios Market.



Since launching in 2014, has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies. Started off as the project of three entrepreneurs and mothers who turned their need to find trustworthy child care experts into a thriving online market place and today, is one of the largest online destinations for finding and managing family care, counting thousands registered members in three markets including Greece, Italy and the UK. Providing child care to senior care, housekeeping and more, we provide a variety of services for families and caregivers to find care or find employment. What makes its services unique is its philosophy towards family’s safety and customers’ support, both very significant factors of its trustworthiness and success. Nannuka is not yet another database filled with profile listings, with no further elaboration but a safe place where every carer has undergone the Profile Verification procedure consisted of a one to one interview and verification of all their official papers and diplomas. For enterprise clients, builds employers customized benefits packages covering child care, back up care and senior care through Nannuka@Work business and serves care businesses with marketing and recruiting support. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, has offices in Athens and London area.


Big Olive

Big Olive, a leading events planner and organizer (DMC), was established in 2013 to offer unique experiences in the Athens urban environment.

The far-reaching success of the Big Olive thematic routes, designed to foster knowledge and cultural awareness, led to the creation of new services and products. Today Big Olive offers a comprehensive scope of expertise in the Athenian cultural landscape including trips of special interest, concept hospitality services, design and staging of large-scale activities and corporate events.

The company’s extensive experience in Athens major events includes participation in pioneer projects, such as the documenta 14 art fair, the Onassis Foundation Programmes, the Bloomberg Resilient Cities project and the ETH Zurich Athens Typology publication. Big Olive consistently researches the multi-dimensional character of Athens, past and present, creating cultural experiences that reflect the Athenian legacy; the city that continuously inspires!

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Athenaeum InterContinental

The Athenaeum InterContinental, just steps from the centre of Athens, unveils the art of hospitality in its spacious 553 rooms, the city’s largest, with meticulous attention to detail. Always contemporary, fully equipped, dressed in fine fabrics and superb color schemes.

The dining venues at the hotel satisfy the senses without limits; from the top-rated Première restaurant boasting panoramic views of the Acropolis, to the highly acclaimed Cafezoe with its unparalleled atmosphere. In the lobby is the Café Vienna, the city’s cosmopolitan meeting place and the Bistrot Vienna with its creative Greek cuisine. Between them, the highly unique Tobar rounds out the plethora of venues.

Spa, Swimming Pool, Gym…You have at least three good reasons to stay fit. One of the world’s top hotel spas, a fully-equipped 24-hour gym and a refreshing, outdoor swimming pool, invite you to surrender to the hotel’s signature world of pleasure and relaxation.

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COSMOTE TV is OTE Group’s pay TV service, currently holding the leading position in Greece.

COSMOTE TV is a fully blown broadcasting unit, packaging premium exclusive content through 15 COSMOTE branded channels (CINEMA, SPORT, HISTORY) and offering its linear and on demand services through DTH, IPTV and OTT.

OTE Group is the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market, and, together with its subsidiaries, forms one of the leading telecom groups in South-eastern Europe. Under the unified COSMOTE commercial brand, OTE Group offers the full range of telecommunications services: from fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, to pay television and integrated ICT solutions.

In addition to its core telecommunications activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications, real-estate and professional training. Abroad, the Group operates in the telecommunications markets of Romania, where it offers fixed-line and mobile communications, as well as television services, and in Albania, where it offers mobile telephony services.

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En Lefko 87.7

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Marketing Greece



e-table is an online service that helps users to find restaurants and make reservations online easily and quickly with exclusive discounts and other benefits, 24/7.

Today with 1500 contracted restaurants in the largest cities in Greece and Cyprus, over 500,000 users and with the help of more than 50,000 reviews, e-table helps users to always choose the right restaurant for each occasion. At the same time, with its Loyalty Reward Program, users can collect points by earning additional discounts in many restaurants.

In addition to end-user benefits, e-table distributes to Greek restaurateurs the myRestaurant platform, which helps to better manage their reservations and also to create campaigns targeting their customers.

With a steady growth and having gained prizes at the 2015 App Awards and at the 2018 Startupper Awards, e-table’s immediate goals are expanding to other cities in Greece, expanding myRestaurant’s platform and creating new strategic alliances, such as our existing cooperation with TripAdvisor.

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