Ticket Terms

The ticket terms for Taste of Athens

Dine & Taste Restaurant Marketing & Food Festivals IKE (Organizers) have created this online ticket service for your convenience. Make sure that during the process of access to this website and the use of the services provided, you have read, understood and agreed unconditionally with these terms, which are a prerequisite for the development of the process of accessing and receiving the services provided. Dine & Taste Restaurant Marketing & Food Festivals IKE reserves the right to modify these terms unilaterally without prior notice by users by posting them on the website.

Conditions of Purchase

The following Ticket Conditions are in addition to the Terms of Use of the Website.

1. The “Event” is Taste of Athens 2019 and the “Organizers” are Dine & Taste Restaurant Marketing & Food Festivals IKE. Dine & Taste Restaurant Marketing & Food Festivals IKE has the right to sell and collect Event Tickets.

2. By purchasing a Ticket of the Event, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

3. A valid Ticket gives the right of entry to the event holder at the Event, at the relevant date and at the relevant times as stated in the Ticket if and when it accepts and complies with the operating conditions of the venue. Entry of the holder into the Event means the unconditional acceptance of the terms hereof. Re-entry to the Event for the indicated date and the indicated hours of the Ticket issued is only allowed by the possession of a valid re-entry ticket. The Ticket is not resold, exchanged or transferred. In this case, the Ticket becomes invalid. Ticketing is prohibited. Tickets purchased for business, commercial, advertising or other activity without the approval of the Promoter may be canceled.

4. The organizers and their third-party affiliates may, for security reasons and in the context of providing and charging services, require any evidence for all types of Tickets (indicative copy of police ID, age certificate). Failure to show the above evidence may result in you being asked to stop drinking and buy alcohol and / or your removal from the event. If you look like under 18, you may be prompted for age proof when buying alcohol.

5. By purchasing a ticket for a child, ie for a person aged 6-15 years (inclusive) at the time of the event (“Children’s Ticket”), you confirm that you are either the parent, the legal guardian or the appointed guardian of the child for whom you buy the Children’s Ticket.

6. Entrance for children under the age of 6 is free of charge, provided that they are accompanied by an Adult Ticket Holder.

7. All the terms of the Tickets mentioned here concern and bind the holders of the Children’s Tickets as well.

8. Transfers to Food and Spirits are not allowed. Fully licensed bar-canteens are available for you.

9. You may not carry glass bottles of any kind at the Event venue. There are no exceptions.

10. No animals are allowed in the Event, except for escort dogs (such as dogs-guides).

11. The Organizers and their affiliate third parties reserve the right to refuse entry to any Ticket Holder for a justified reason. The Ticket Holder accepts the possibility to inspect his or her personal items from the Organizers, their addressees and third party partners in order to guarantee the safety of the visitors. The organizers, whether their addressees or their third party partners, are entitled either to refuse entry or to remove anyone who is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption or who, in their reasonable opinion, due to inappropriate behavior he cannot stay further at the Event, even if he holds a Ticket.

12. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to check his / her Tickets. The Promoters are not responsible for any loss or theft of Tickets. Organizers are not required to replace stolen or lost tickets.

13. Tickets will not be used as awards in competitions without the prior written consent of the Organizers.

14. All audio and mobile or fixed image rights, including without limitation the Internet, belong exclusively to the Organizers and any material recorded or recorded in the Event may be used only for the personal and non-profit use of visitors. Upon entering the site, Ticket owners agree to be photographed, videotaped, or recorded as guests attending the event and to include their image or voice in any content such as video, video, photo and / or audio recordings (and processed) with the contents of the above recording media being communicated and / or commercially available in any media internationally indefinitely without the Ticket-holder having any claim or claim by the company performing the video / video recording with the approval of the organizers or the organizers.

15. Tickets are sold without prejudice to the right of the Organizers to modify or modify the program due to events or circumstances beyond their control without being obliged to return money or exchange Tickets. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to confirm the date, time and place of any new Event.

16. If the event is postponed, the Promoters reserve the right to change the date, time and venue of the event. In this case the tickets are valid in their entirety and are not redeemed, while the holder is not entitled to claim any compensation due to the above change.

17. In the event of the cancellation of the Ticket before its commencement, the tickets are redeemed within one month of cancellation and the Ticket Holder is entitled to full refund of the Ticket price without the Organizers being obliged to indemnify the Ticket Holder for any other damage that may be suffered the Ticket Holder.

18. The Organizers, their addressees and / or the third parties associated with them are not responsible for interference between ticket holders for injury to a Ticket Holder for any loss or loss of personal belongings of Ticket holders that took place within the Event venue except for death or injury caused to a Ticket Holder by the negligence of the Organizer, his employees or his agents.

19. If the Event is canceled and canceled due to force majeure (adverse weather conditions, earthquake, etc.), at least thirty five minutes after its commencement, the event is considered complete and is not repeated. In this case the tickets are not redeemed.

20. Upon entry, you agree that the Ticket Holder accepts and complies with any regulations of the SNFCC, the Rules of Operation of the Event and other regulations provided at entry to the venue. The Ticket Holder is required to comply with the instructions of the security staff and representatives of the Organizers and the persons associated with them.
Payment Methods – Purchase Confirmation

21. Payment of the tickets through the website is made exclusively by the user’s credit card. All Visa® and MasterCard®, Diners Club® and American Express® credit cards are accepted on the Website. Credit card billing takes place by purchasing the tickets and completing the online transaction.

22. User transactions on the Site are protected by top online security systems (SSL 128-bit encrypted digital certificate, CVV 3-digit credit card security check, additional online security transactions such as Verified By Visa ™ by Visa®, or SecureCode ™ of MasterCard®).

23. The Organizer does not maintain or process, for security reasons, the card details used. By entering the required credit card information, the user expressly states that he / she has the legal right to use the credit card. The Promoters bear no responsibility in the event of unlawful use of credit cards. The provision of credit card details indicates the user’s consent to freeze the amount corresponding to the Ticket price.

24. If the credit card transaction is rejected for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit card network (indications such as credit limit overruns or suspicion of fraud), then the ordering of the Tickets is automatically canceled.

25. If for any reason the online ticket purchase process is interrupted or any problem arises that prevents the card from being charged, ticket bookings are canceled. If you do not receive a Ticket Booking Confirmation confirmation page after sending your details to complete the payment, or if you receive an error message or service interruption when sending your items, you should contact the Organizers. The Promoters are not liable for any financial or other damage to the user, if for any reason he has not received confirmation of his / her reservation.


26. The Organizers have taken all reasonable care to preserve the safety of the use of the website and the Ticket Service provided through it. In particular, the Organizers have taken all appropriate measures to protect the site from viruses, as well as from unauthorized and / or unauthorized use of the site, including, but not limited to, unauthorized ticket sales or linking to the site. However, it does not guarantee the uninterrupted and error free operation of the site. The Organizers do their utmost to ensure that the information and the entire contents of the site are distinguished from fullness and correctness, but without providing any guarantees. In no event shall the Promoter assume any responsibility for any damage the user may suffer during his / her visit to the Website and / or the use of the services offered through it and / or the temporary inability to use it.

27. Confidentiality is self-evident. All information transmitted by the user to the Organizers is confidential and the Organizers have taken all necessary measures to use them only insofar as this is deemed necessary to provide the services chosen by the user from the website.

28. The processing of Personal Data by the Organizers is solely for the purposes of the services provided to the users via its website. The processing of personal data is carried out in full compliance with the applicable laws. The recipients of the Personal Data in the purchasing process may be the credit and financial institutions through which the user makes the payment of the price of the tickets he/she purchases. See also the relevant Data Protection Policy.

29. These terms and conditions are governed by Greek law, and those bound by them are currently subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

30. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms & Conditions.