Chef Gogo Delogianni


At the Chefs Theater, she will talk about the Greek breakfast. She will present us a recipe for pies, pullers or fries, and combine them with dominant Greek products in a sweet and savory version. She will use cheeses and sausages, honey, yogurt and nuts.

Chef Gogo Delogianni originates from two small villages, New Heraion Argos and Rizovouni Prevezis. She has studied law at Komotini Law School and has worked in this job for about 8 years, taking into account the years of her youth and practice.

Somewhere there she decided she was ready for the big change. And so, she has been cooking for a living for four years now and has been living on it. She has passed, among other things, from Fuga's kitchens at Costa Navarino's Concert Hall, and has run 3 more personal pop up projects at Bios.

Her great love is Mediterranean food, with a clear preference for Greek and Italian traditional cuisine. She considers it an honor and a great investment to cook for everyone, just like her loved ones. And she does. She will make the food you eat on a Sunday at your favorite table. The food you will be proud to offer. Food that can warm you up after a difficult day. "

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