Chef Asimakis Chaniotis


Born and raised in Athens, a city full of history and art, from a young age he was very interested and involved in street art and whilst his interest for food started to become a dream of a career, art really inspired him and helped him develop as a young commis and chef in the kitchens he worked in.

He have worked in a variety of kitchens from Hotel chains to restaurants to British pubs and from fine dining to banquets and exhibition centers, he was even a private chef on a yacht. But nothing made him as passionate about cooking as fine dining and French cuisine, the precision, the creativity, the artistry, all had him hooked.

He always crave perfection and finding the freshest and best produce is especially important to him, he always wants to know where he can find them and how he can pair them together. Alongside learning new techniques and learning about wine, he pushes himself to try and create unforgettable experiences for his customers.

This hunt for perfection and attention to detail, as well as the rush and adrenaline he gets whilst trying to raise the standards in the kitchen, have made him the chef he is today. 2017 was such an important year for him as Chef de cuisine of L'Autre Pied Restaurant!

Now as Executive chef at one of the best restaurants in London and an establishment of such a history, Pied a Terre, he will give one of the best dining experiences! A great challenge at a great city! Been awarded his first Michelin star on 2018 at the age of 28. First Greek to be ever awarded a Michelin star out of his country and youngest in London.

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