Ceramic Workshops by Trabala Studio

Ceramic art is one of the oldest forms of art. Clay is a material found in nature in any part of the world.
It consists of small grains of soil after the rock has been worn. As an art it originally evolved to meet the needs of everyday life using the simplest and most direct material, the soil with a little water. At the same time, pottery is used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. Today, usability and aesthetics correlate. 

In the workshops that will take place at Taste of Athens, Trabala Studio expects everyone, young and old, to explore the art of clay together to know the process of making ceramic utensils and non-articles.
Our little friends through the game will shape a clay mass discovering expression through creation. While our biggest friends will can have a first hand experience with the art of pottery tasting various techniques and methods of implementing an object.

In recent years gastronomy and ceramics have come together to create one a complete tasting and visual experience. What more than a delicious meal from a handmade pottery object.

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