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Taste of Athens offers a high quality and premium culinary offering for our passionate, food-loving audience. We are proud to work with the very best brands that match these values and enhance the experience for our visitors.

  • Alpha Bank

    The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece. The Group offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services, including retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, the distribution of insurance products, investment banking, brokerage and real estate management.

    The Parent Company and main Bank of the Group is Alpha Bank, which was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos. Alpha Bank constitutes a consistent point of reference in the Greek banking system with one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe.

  • Diners Club International

    Diners Club began its proud history in 1950, all because a man named Frank McNamara had dinner in a New York restaurant but left his cash in another suit, leaving him unable to pay the bill without his wife having to bail him out. He resolved never to be embarrassed again and founded Diners Club.

    Now, Diners Club International Ltd. is a direct banking and payment services company owned by Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), one of the most recognized brands in US financial services. Diners Club provides a range of payment options, benefits and exclusive offers—in partnership with leading merchants, restaurants and service-industry brands around the world. Diners Club membership is for the select global citizen who wants to experience the best the world has to offer.

  • Alpha Bank

    The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece. The Group offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services, including retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, the distribution of insurance products, investment banking, brokerage and real estate management.

    The Parent Company and main Bank of the Group is Alpha Bank, which was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos. Alpha Bank constitutes a consistent point of reference in the Greek banking system with one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe.

  • World Class Drinks

    DIAGEO is a leading premium spirits company, with presence in 180 countries and more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

    In Greece, DIAGEO trades a wide range of top-class brands, with a long tradition and rich heritage such as Johnnie Walker, Haig, Dimple, Cardhu and Classic Malts, Smirnoff Vodka, Tanqueray and Gordon´s gins, Baileys, tequila Don Julio and more. Diageo invests in innovation and prioritizes offering Greek consumers alternative options for every occasion, thus making their moments unique.

    DIAGEO places the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages at the center of its activity.

     Visit to find out more.

Exclusive Sponsors and Suppliers
  • Johnnie Walker

    The World's best-selling Scotch Whisky Brand, enjoyed in more than 180 countries worldwide. 

    First crafted in a humble grocer's shop, Johnnie Walker has taken blended Scotch whisky from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. Today, this pioneering and innovative spirit has seen the brand become a stylish global icon.

  • OKAA

    Central Markets and Fishery Organizations (CMFO) SA is a state-owned enterprise (SOE), owned by the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations. Its main task is the operation of central markets (organised wholesale and retail markets) for perishable goods, especially fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood.

    CMFO holds a dominant position in the sector of organized markets in Greece, operating two proprietary central markets in Athens and Patra, as well as the 11 public fish markets/wharves throughout Greece. With more than 700 enterprises operating out of its facilities, CMFO acts as a major facilitator of organized distribution and trading of perishable goods, ensuring high quality standards, fair price levels, and the uninterrupted supply of perishables to consumers throughout the country. The annual value of products traded exceeds 1.5 billion euros.

    The company supports its tenant enterprises by providing a variety of services; promoting business extroversion and export initiatives, participating in domestic and international exhibitions, organizing trade missions abroad, and reinforcing synergies among enterprises. CMFO also provides specialised consulting services and technical support in market design, management and operation.


    AEGEAN Airlines and its subsidiary Olympic Air carried 14 million passengers in 2018. 2019 network covers 151 destinations (31 domestic and 120 international) to 44 countries. Since June 30, 2010 AEGEAN is a member of STAR ALLIANCE, the strongest airline alliance worldwide. The Company has been honored with the Skytrax World Airline award, as the best European regional airline in 2019.

  • Athens International Airport

    Athens International Airport S.A. (AIA) is the company in charge of the construction, development and operation of Eleftherios Venizelos airport of Athens. AIA is a profit-oriented company of the private sector.

    Since March 2001, Athens International Airport keeps offering high-level services, having earned the trust of airlines, passengers, partners and stakeholders. Having welcomed more than 300 million passengers and over 3.5 million flights, the airport keeps creating significant benefits for tourism, the national economy, and Athens as a destination. In terms of traffic, 2018 was a historic best performance year for the airport, with 24.14 million passengers and growth continuing dynamically for a sixth consecutive year in 2019.

    Key contributors to this positive outlook remain AIA’s renowned developmental strategy, with one of the most comprehensive and innovative airline incentive schemes internationally and a strategic focus on the promotion of “Destination Athens” through initiatives and synergies. Having for the second consecutive been awarded by the ACI World as Best Airport in Europe in terms of service quality and passenger satisfaction, AIA continues, during 2019, its investment program of aesthetic, functional and operational enhancements at its premises. 

    Thanks to its top-notch services, AIA has earned 91 significant international distinctions and awards. Today, with more than 300 companies and 13,000 employees, the airport community constitutes one of the biggest employment engines in Greece.


    BMW Hellas is one of the most successful premium distributors of automobiles and motorcycles in Greece. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group in the Greek market, the company started operations in 2003 and has established extremely high competitive standards representing the automotive brands BMW, MINI, BMW i and BMW Motorrad.

    BMW Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services. The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network in more than 140 countries.

    The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term thinking and responsible action. The company has therefore established ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources as an integral part of its strategy.


    KOTSOVOLOS, the No 1 electronic and electrical goods chain in Greece, has brought the technology of the future into the present for the last 69 years, and makes acquiring top technologies attainable for everyone. Its 2500 employees, its 93 physical stores throughout Greece, its e-shop, and its telephone centre, are always at the disposal of all customers, always ready to provide the service they need. With the K support integrated services system, it ensures installation, maintenance, a warranty, and repair for all products purchased by clients everywhere in Greece, while through its omni channel model, it stands at the side of professionals throughout Greece.

  • Electrolux

  • Lurpak

    Lurpak® is one of the world’s famous butter brands and has held its position as the most delicious premium butter for over a hundred years.

    Lurpak® butter is made from 100% fresh cow milk, with over 20 litres of fresh milk going into every kilo. 

    With its fresh, pure buttery taste, Lurpak® butter is great in all kinds of cooking, for baking deliciously crispy cookies and crusty pies, and even over a slice of bread. 

    We're all about good food. And cooking simply, with a few natural ingredients.


  • British American Tobacco Hellas

    British American Tobacco Hellas is one of the leading tobacco companies in Greece with an important contribution to the Greek society and economy, top employment distinctions and focus on innovative initiatives in the Greek market. 

    The employees of the company play an important role in the presence and future of British American Tobacco Hellas and have distinguished the company as one of the Best Workplaces in Greece for four consecutive years and have placed it amongst the Top Employers in Greece and Europe for three years in a row. 

    British American Tobacco chose Greece as one of the first countries to launch the tobacco heated products, potentially reduced risk, with more recent product, glo™ (, bringing new investments and new jobs in Greek society.

    British American Tobacco Hellas is a company respecting its commitment to bring value every day to the Greek society, supporting through the British American Tobacco Group thousands of tobacco producers and more thousands of tobacco retailers and distributors from all over Greece.

  • Buddha’s Hand

    Buddha's Hand is the new, delicious proposal by chef Yiannis Lucacos in Chalandri. At 22, Andrea Papandreou str., a new place-to-be has been created for the fans of healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, offering a wide variety of flavorful options.

    Serving fresh salads, sandwiches & wraps, smoothies, fresh juices, nutritious breakfast and, also, freshly-cooked ready to warm up meals, Buddha’s Hand inspires and proves that healthy food can be, above all, extremely delicious.


  • Domaine Costa Lazaridi

    It all began 40 years ago.

    In 1979, Costas Lazaridis finds himself in Germany for the needs of his family’s marble business. There, he gets “infected” by the wine bug, and returning to Greece, he has only one thing in mind. He plants the first ever linear vineyard in Drama, turns his passion into profession, and in 1992 founds the company that boils together all these years of hard work and reflects his personal philosophy about wine.

    Since then, Domaine Costa Lazaridi has been producing wines, spirits and balsamic vinegars of the highest quality, straight out of its 300-hectare vineyard, the largest self-owned vineyard in Greece.

    Amethystos, Chateau Julia, Oenotria Land, Idoniko, Methexis, Botanico, today the Domaine’s products can be found in 24 different countries across 5 continents, bringing home awards and distinctions from the most prestigious international competitions, loudly and proudly representing Greece’s wine all around the globe.

  • Oinoscent

    The Oinoscent story heads back in 2008, when our small wine shop opened right across of where we are now. At that time, the few wine curious were gathering to taste, drink, talk, debate and even dance to Miles Davis until 2 am. Many of those became good friends and some are even part of our team.

    We feel proud to say that we have been part of the birth of the wine culture of Athens.

    Today, in our new home just opposite, we share the same philosophy. Wine Cocooning.

    We have expanded to a list of 1000 different labels, so that our older loyals or our new friends will not fight in the cellar for That Bottle.

    In our petite restaurant, we create ideas that match our wines, in order to please the foodies but not only.

    Our goal remains the same, to see that smile in the face of the people that join us every day in our long journey.

  • Trabala Studio

    Trabala Studio is an open ceramics workshop in Koukaki that was opened in 2017 by Jenny Psarrou and Hercules Zervas. All the items in the workshop are handmade and manufactured using traditional molding methods.

  • Strange Brew

    Strange Brew was officially established on May 2017, with the first release of the notorious Jasmine IPA, in collaboration with Laconiki Brewery, near the ancient city of Sparta. We have since moved our production to Chios Microbrewery, on the namesake island, where we also make our complex Mandy Black Export Stout and our ‘tropical bomb’ Dr. Haze DIPA. Recently we started a collaboration with the brand new brewery of Alea Brewing Co., here in Athens, releasing our super-citrusy Lemonfarm Saison! 

Official Supporters and Suppliers
  • Cardlink

    Cardlink was founded in 2004 and is the largest Network Service Provider in Greece with more than 250.000 terminals, 10.000 e-Commerce shops and 400 million transactions per year. Cardlink serves businesses in their daily transactions with quality, security and speed.  Cardlink’s team monitors the developments in the field of electronic payments, adopts the latest technologies and creates innovative products and services, which continually improve transactional experience in physical and electronic commerce. Since January 2015, Cardlink is a Quest Group company.

  • Rainbow Waters

    Rainbow Waters is the largest Greek watercooler and home water filter company in Greece and the third largest in Europe, with the most comprehensive distribution network and 315,000 satisfied customers since 1999.

    We have earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of home and corporate customers thanks to the high quality of our products and the high standard of service.

    We cover the entire country’s needs with the state-of-the-art watercoolers and we are the only company in Greece that carries out sanitization of its watercoolers.

    DIONI water ranked 5th place in "Best Bottled Water 2018" (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) and is constantly awarded for its quality and taste (Gold Awards for its Quality & the Superior Taste Award.).

     Its source springs up in the mountains of Epirus, in an area declared "Protected Drinking Water for Human Conservation" and undergoes 420 quality checks every 8 hours.

    Since 2015, RAINBOW WATERS has also been offering all kinds of coffee and beverages, through leading brands (Jacobs, Douwe Egberts, L'OR, Bravo, etc.) as well as Tassimo capsules, with the coffee & beverages Tassimo machine that provides its customers for free.

  • Jeroboam


    VARANAKIS one of the largest companies in the Greek market of mass food service, founded in 1975. Philosophy, knowhow consistency and acceptance of the clientele the company led it over many years at the top of the most accomplished enterprises in the field of professional catering equipment. Has at its disposal a fully equipped factory with cutting edge machinery, manned with experienced technicians fully trained, with knowledge and love for what they do. Until today cuts and sews in the specific measurements of each and every individual, space ensuring the manufacture remains of immortal in time, always with Varanakis guarantee. The vast range of equipment flanked by 40+ of highly specialized and the most accomplished houses/factories as a high quality by strict criteria choice. Faithfull to our moto, that accompanies us over the years “You have the dream, we have the equipment!”, has been making reality the dreams of those who trusted our company, with the commitment to trying each and every time for the best.

  • Athens Medical Group

    Athens Medical Group (AMG) is the leading healthcare provider in SE Europe, with 80,000 hospitalizations and 600,000 outpatient visits annually. It has been providing high-quality, internationally certified (TEMOS Quality in International Patient Care & Excellence in Medical Tourism, Global Healthcare Accreditation, ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2005 & 14001:2004) medical services for 35 years.

    Athens Medical Group runs 8 state-of-the-art Hospitals, in Greece, 7 in the broader Athens metropolitan area and 1 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, with 1,200 patient beds, 3,000 full time employees, 2,800 highly qualified physicians.

    It is widely recognized for its Centers of Excellence and cutting edge medical procedures, indicatively: Robotic Surgery, Interventional Cardiology – Heart Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, Bariatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Oncology, IVF.

    Finally, AMG has a more than 20 years presence in Romania, where it operates 4 very modern and specialized diagnostic centers

  • Rokakis Fresh Fish

  • G4S


    Since launching in 2014, has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies. Started off as the project of entrepreneurs and mothers who turned their need to find trustworthy child care experts into a thriving online market place and today, is one of the largest online destinations for finding and managing family care, counting thousands registered members in three markets including Greece and the UK.

    Providing child care to senior care, housekeeping and more, we provide a variety of services for families and caregivers to find care or find employment. What makes its services unique is its philosophy towards family's safety and customers’ support, both very significant factors of its trustworthiness and success. is not yet another database filled with profile listings, with no further elaboration but a safe place where every carer has undergone the Profile Verification procedure consisted of a one to one interview and verification of all their official papers and diplomas.

    For enterprise clients, Nannuka builds employers customized benefits packages covering child care, back up care and senior care through Nannuka@Work business and serves care businesses with marketing and recruiting support. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Nannuka has offices in Athens and London area.

  • Kids Cooking Club

Hospitality Partners
  • Ergon House Athens

  • Athens Was Hotel

Media Partners

  • Η Καθημερινή ΠΕΡΙΟΔΙΚΟ "Κ"

  • En Lefko 87.7

    En Lefko 87.7 is today the most influential and eclectic radio station in Greece. It has been described as “eclectic and cool” and praised for its “fine taste, sophisticated way in which it approaches world music trends, and its insatiable appetite for new sounds” (Kathimerini newspaper). More than 171.000 listeners tune into 87.7 fm everyday and more than 80,000 unique users connect to The station is also known for its Dj sets all around town, its biannual parties in the most unique venues in Athens, its music festival and recently, and its constant support of new music and artists.

  • Marketing Greece

  • XpatAthens

    XpatAthens is a trusted platform that the international community of Athens and Greece depends on daily.  We aim to connect people with services, products, and experiences that will enhance their personal and professional journeys in Greece, wanting always to provide our readers with the very best our city and country has to offer! 

    We absolutely love spreading the word about uplifting and creative news, stories, ideas, information, and events across the city of Athens and beyond!

    We are a team of enthusiastic global citizens who have chosen to make Athens our home. We are passionate about living well, creating a global community, and helping others to discover, experience and appreciate Athens as a cultural hub as well as an alive and buzzing city!

  • Citytag

    Citytag is the new and most comprehensive guide to Athens. A modern, easy-to-use application in Greek and English for smartphones, presenting and reporting on everything that happens in restaurants, bars, cinema, theatre, music, festivals, museums and attractions.

    With up-to-date and dynamic content, a user-friendly interface and a fresh look from people who love Athens, it is the most practical and contemporary guide for those living in or visiting the city.

    Citytag launched in early 2019, creating a platform that includes the app, a website with original content and social media. Its purpose is to quickly and easily meet the needs of its users for entertainment in Athens.