He has gone from restaurant kitchens to testing his strength at all posts and reinforcing his conviction for the intimate relationship of hospitality and food.

After many years and a lot productive business activity, he has decided to focus solely with hospitality. Since 2005, together with his twin brother Vangelis Liakos, they have decided to create a restaurant of their own philosophy.

"Basegrill" has been the temple of meat for several years. The special management of the raw material, the specialization of the object, as well as the definition of the hospitable treatment of the client are just some of the values that govern the restaurant's philosophy.

Thanks to his temperament and communicative character he managed to create the first non-traditional restaurant in a very popular neighborhood.

In 2011, with his brother Vangelis, they open the "Travolta", a restaurant specializing in fish. In 2014, he opens the Cookoowaya restaurant in the Hilton area, as co-owner with 5 other chefs. Following this very successful venture, they decide to create a fast food shop called "Hoocut".

He said: "I came to the world to cook. In our restaurants we cover our own need for cooking and hospitality. My passion for the kitchen resembles the passion of a gambler. 

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