Dimos Balopoulos was born in Athens and grew up in Petroupolis. His childhood dream was to become a pilot, he nevertheless studied Medical Instrument Technology, but today he is one of the best upcoming young chefs.

At 22, he decides he wants to enter the tourism industry as a Food & Beverage Manager. He achieved this by enrolling in a cooking school to see the culinary world. His practice at PBox - next to Christopher Peskias - was his great inspiration of becoming a chef. Having been encouraged by his teacher to get acquainted with other restaurants, he worked at Nobu Matshihisa and Funky Gourmet.

In 2014, during his holiday to London, he comes up with a great idea. He visited the best restaurants in the British capital: Gordon Ramsey, Pollen Street Social and Dinner an at the end of each dinner, he asks the chefs for a possible collaboration and with great joy receives a positive answer from all three. However, he chooses to join the Dinner (the world's 5th best restaurant for 2014) and learn to cook in Heston Blumenthal's kitchen.

His next station was "Fat Duck"- also Heston Blumenthal's restaurant - with three Michelin stars, and after he decides to return back to Greece and specifically to Crete. There he takes over the kitchen of the restaurant "Calypso" at the Elounda Peninsula Hotel, winning the Xriso Skoufo in 2016.

Later, he collaborates with Sotiris Kontiza at NOLAN as a sous chef, and he then goes back to Crete this time at DAIOS COVE restaurant "OCEAN RESTAURANT" and again winning the Xriso Skoufo for 2017 and 2018.
As his cooking never stops evolving and in order to expand his horizons, he travels to Norway to train in the three star MAAEMO's kitchen.

He is currently the head chef at the kitchen of the Frater & Soror restaurant and the FBK secret dining concept located in the same venue, where he earned a FNL star in the "new comers" category, just two months after his opening.

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